Balance protection

CreditWise® helps you take care of your credit card balance in unforeseen circumstances. Protect your loved ones by insuring your balance.

You can have access to the assistance you need to help repay your credit card account balance in the event of a covered accident, sickness or involuntary unemployment.


Make sure you and your family get the insurance you need. CreditWise® is an optional insurance coverage that may help you repay your credit card balance in the event of a covered involuntary unemployment or disability, and may help relieve some of the burden your family could face in the event of your death.

CreditWise offers protection in the event of:

  • involuntary unemployment
  • loss of self-employment
  • disability due to illness or injury
  • critical illness
  • accidental death
  • accidental dismemberment 


$0.99 (plus applicable taxes) per $100 of the average daily balance, cycle ending balance or balance subject to finance charges, whichever is higher.

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Call 1-800-871-6803 (French – 1-800-871-7747)
24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Insures only the Primary Cardholder of the MBNA Credit Card Account on which Balance Protection Insurance is available. Must be at least 18 years old. After age 70, only accidental death and accidental dismemberment insurance coverages continue. Complete terms of coverage are in the Certificate of Insurance you will receive upon enrollment. Eligibility requirements, limitations and exclusions apply, and vary by benefit. Click to read CreditWise terms and conditions (PDF). CreditWise terms and conditions for Quebec Residents (PDF).
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