Finding the right credit card

See how you can choose a credit card with the rates and fees that fit your life, and the rewards and benefits that match your interests. Let us help you find the credit card that's perfect for you.

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Expand Find the right credit card for you - what are your credit credit card needs?

Think about these questions to find a credit card that best fits both your wallet and lifestyle:

  • Need a credit card for emergencies? Try one with no annual fee

    annual fee

    A fee that is charged once a year for the privilege of using a credit card account.

    and the best credit limit

    credit limit

    The maximum credit that a customer is allowed by a given institution. Also known as "Line of Credit".

    options for you to cover unexpected expenses.
  • Want to travel? Many rewards credit cards let you earn points towards airfare, hotel stays, cruises or vacations, as well as offer complimentary travel insurance and other travel-related perks.
  • Plan to use your credit card for everyday purchases? Consider a rewards credit card that gives you points toward cash back, merchandise or other benefits whenever you use the credit card for eligible purchases. Your rewards can really add up.
  • Have a cause to support? Some credit cards will donate to organizations on your behalf, like an alumni association or a favorite nonprofit group.
  • Passionate about something? Many credit cards will allow you to show your love for a favorite sport or profession.
  • Need to consolidate debt? Choose a credit card with an annual interest rate

    interest rate

    A rate of interest charged for the use of a credit card, loan or line of credit, expressed as a percentage of the total amount loaned. Different types of loans charge different rates of interest.

    that's lower than your existing credit card rate so you can pay potentially your debt off faster.
  • Plan to pay off your balance


    The total amount owed on a credit card account at a given time.

    each month? The interest rate on a credit card may be less important than the rewards and benefits.
  • Expect to carry a balance? Shop around for a low standard annual interest rate

    annual interest rate (AIR)

    The yearly rate of interest. The AIR is listed in the account agreement, as well as on your monthly billing statements.

     , not just a promotional annual interest rate

    promotional annual interest rate (AIR)

    A rate that's lower than your standard interest rate and is valid only for certain transactions, for a limited period of time. Also known as "Promotional Interest Rate".

  • Looking for deals? See if your favorite store has a credit card for loyal shoppers or check out credit cards that offer shopping discounts. 
Expand Explore a variety credit card types to find your perfect match

Review the type of credit card to determine which best fits your needs:

  • Private label credit cards, like department store credit cards, can usually be used only at specific merchants.
  • Standard credit cards may have fewer benefits than premium credit cards.
  • Premium credit cards, such as the Smart Cash World MasterCard® credit cards, usually have extra features, including product warranties, purchase protection, travel insurance and emergency services.
  • Rewards credit cards offer the ability to earn reward points when the credit card is used for eligible purchases. Rewards vary but can include cash, travel, merchandise or shopping discounts. Some credit cards even let you choose from a range of different rewards. Standard, Premium and even Private label credit cards may also offer rewards.
  • Affinity credit cards show your support for a group or cause such as a charity, a college/university, or a sports team. In some cases, contributions are made to the group whenever you use the credit card.
Expand Review the benefits of each credit card to find one that fits your needs

When credit cards have similar rates and fees, benefits can be the tie-breaker. Look for features that make a particular offer stand out. Some of these benefits include:

  • Rewardsthese can include travel, cash back, merchandise offers or the flexibility to choose among different types of rewards.
  • Serviceconvenient and flexible customer service can make a real difference, especially if you need help when traveling.
  • Securityzero fraud liability for unauthorized purchases and purchase protection are two key perks that can give you peace of mind when you shop with your credit card.
  • Online bankingonline access to your credit card account can be a real benefit in time-savings and administration.
  • Frequencywhile private label credit cards can only be used at the sponsoring store or chain, they sometimes offer great value in discounts if you shop there frequently.
  • Other perksconcierge services, travel assistance, cardholder discounts and other perks can add convenience, flexibility and value.

Learn about the Card Benefits that come with MBNA credit cards.

Expand Compare credit card rates and fees

Be sure to review the terms and conditions carefully before you apply. Key information about rates and fees is required by law to be displayed in a box or chart for easy comparison, as well as details of important benefits. Information you need to know includes -

  • annual interest rate (AIR) for purchases and other transactions
  • fees, including annual fees

    annual fee

    A fee that is charged once a year for the privilege of using a credit card account.

    , over-limit fees

    over-limit fees

    A fee that is charged whenever a balance goes over the credit limit, whether due to a transaction, finance charge or any other fees charged to an account.

    and transaction fees

    transaction fees

    A fee that may be charged when making certain types of transactions with your credit card. It's usually a percentage of the total amount of the transaction. For example, a transaction fee is often charged when you take a cash advance with your card.

  • whether the credit card is accepted at the places you will need to use it
  • rewards, discounts, warranties and rebates
  • security features, like fraud protection

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Expand Determine how your current credit card stacks up

Loyalty is great, but blind loyalty to a credit card could cost you money. If you already carry a card and you're not sure what the terms are, now is a good time to find out.

You'll find some information on your credit card statement. For the rest, check your credit card account agreement. If you don't have your agreement on file, visit the company's website or call their Customer Service department to get the information. You will need it to compare your credit card to the rest of the market.

Once you compare credit cards, it will be easier to find a credit card that's right for you. Follow up on the best offer-and shred the rest.