Will my account statement dates change?

Yes. Beginning in November 2014, the dates when your account statements are issued will change, varying three to five days from the account statement dates you have now. Please note that this change may affect your payment dates, payment amounts and pre-authorized payments. Check your October 2014 account statement(s) for the payment details of your November 2014 account statement(s).

Will my account statements look the same?

We have redesigned and rewritten your account statement(s) to provide a clean, new look to make them easier to read. Please review the “How to Read Your Account Statement” insert, which will be included with your account statement(s) in October 2014.

I receive eStatements. Will I continue to receive them automatically or do I need to sign up for them again?

To ensure you receive eStatements, please verify your statement preference after successfully re-enrolling.  It’s easy to do: simply log in and check your statement preference on the "My Accounts" page.
See the "Go Paperless" icon? You will receive paper statements. To receive an eStatement, simply click "Go Paperless” and follow the steps. We recommend you do this as soon as possible to enjoy the convenience of paperless statements.
Don't see the "Go Paperless" icon? You're all set. Your account is already set up to receive eStatements and no action is required.

Click here to learn more about signing up for paperless statements and email notifications.